The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing has developed Nursing Education Guidelines on Electronic Prescribing.  The purpose of this document is to assist nurse educators in preparing future nurses to be safe and effective users of an electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) system, as this technology becomes more prevalent across Canada.

These guidelines serve the following functions:

  • Assist nurse educators develop course content on e-prescribing;
  • Provide nurse educators with a supplementary resource on medication management activities;
  • Provide curricular direction, in conjunction with the Entry-to-Practice Nursing Informatics Competencies, in preparing the next generation of nurses to work in technology-enabled environments;
  • Assist health care organizations implementing an e-prescribing system to revise existing policies and procedures and create new ones;
  • Provide direction on e-prescribing to nurses or other health professionals in practice settings; and,
  • Offer a reference to other health professions developing discipline-specific guidelines or policies related to e-prescribing.